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How I Stay Organized with Bullet Journaling

One of my favorite tools for organizing my business is my bullet journal. Not only can I create trackers for goals, projects, and tasks, I can create templates for ANY type of organization I need! Today I’m sharing tips and ideas on how to stay organized with bullet journaling. From setup, pages, monthly and weekly spreads, budgets, calendars, and more, I organize it all within my bullet journal!

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How I Stay Organized with Bullet Journaling

I love the flexibility and versatility of bullet journaling for organizing all the things, but especially for organizing my business!

I can design any layout I need for any purpose, and I can pivot quickly if a change is needed. Everything I need is conveniently located in a single notebook, and I can fill my bullet journal with all of the random business thoughts and ideas that pop into my brain.

Here’s how I stay organized with bullet journaling!

Everything in One Place

How I Stay Organized with Bullet Journaling | Calyx Organizing

By keeping everything in my bullet journal, I don’t waste a single second searching for those notes I took the other day or that list I brainstormed or the post ideas I outlined.

All of my important information is corralled and organized in one place, so I can focus on the business of running of my business!

Brain Dumps

I love completing my weekly brain dumps in my bullet journal, because I can refer back to previous brain dumps to jump start my thought process.

Also, it’s easy to flip back and check out the key I created for categorizing and prioritizing the items in my brain dumps.

I no longer waste time trying to remember what didn’t get moved from my brain dump to my other task lists. I can refer to previous brain dumps any time I want or need to, so there’s no confusion or wasted time or energy.

Master Task Lists

Master tasks lists are just a list of all tasks that I want to complete. Each month/week/day I look at my master task list and prioritize any tasks that require immediate action or that move me closer to accomplishing my goals. I then move those items to my planner page for that day or week.

My task lists are broken down by areas of my life (or life roles). I have a master task list for my:

  • online business
  • client work
  • household tasks and projects
  • family
  • personal development

I love having master task lists that are constantly evolving, and I don’t have to remember tasks or whether I completed them. And because I have master task lists for the different areas of my life, I ensure that I’m making progress on goals, habits, and routines in all areas of my life.

And on those days where I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done or taken any steps forward, I can look back and see the progress I’ve made over the previous months.

Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planning

How I Stay Organized with Bullet Journaling | Calyx Organizing

This is one of the biggest areas where I stay organized with bullet journaling. All of my appointments, meetings, and tasks for the week are conveniently located in one place, so with just a glance I know what I need to work on and complete. These layouts also give me a good indication of my progress for the week.

I like having my weekly planner easily accessible in my bullet journal, because I know exactly what I need to get done from one day, week, or month to the next.


How I Stay Organized with Bullet Journaling | Calyx Organizing

As an aside, I’m not actively building all of the habits in the image above. Many of the actions have been habits for a long time. But I’m working on building my daily routine, so I included all of the actions in my tracker. šŸ™‚

One of the things that helps me to establish solid habits and routines and to accomplish my goals is to track my progress. And where better to complete this tracking than in my bullet journal?!

I’ve tracked everything from daily habits and routines to actions toward my goals to project steps and more. Since I look at my bullet journal multiple times a day, the habits, routines, and goals I’m trying to accomplish are always front of mind.

If you’re looking to develop a few habits that help keep you and your business organized, check out this post: 5 Habits of Organized People You Can Adopt Today.

Project Planning

How I Stay Organized with Bullet Journaling | Calyx Organizing

Setting aside a couple of pages in my BUJO for project planning is one of my favorite ways to stay organized with bullet journaling!

Everything I need for my project is together in one spot. I include notes, sketches, budget information, products I want to purchase, and steps I need to take to complete the project and the deadlines associated with each one.

Any information you need to plan your project can go right into your bullet journal!

Travel Planning

Travel packing and planning is so simple now, because I’ve been planning my travel in my bullet journal for several years!

All I have to do when preparing a packing list for an upcoming trip is to look back at the previous packing lists I’ve created and migrate appropriate items forward. So quick and easy!

I forget items much less frequently now and packing takes less time. Not to mention my decreased stress level (I’m not a seasoned traveler)!


I don’t know about you, but I’ve wasted countless hours searching for random bits of paper on which I scribbled notes….

Now, instead of grabbing the first blank bit of paper I see, I put all of my notes into my bullet journal.

No more searching for notes.

No more wasted time.

And no more hair pulling, because I can’t find the notes I need!


How I Stay Organized with Bullet Journaling | Calyx Organizing

Most of my collections are personal, but I do have a few business related collections that I like to organize in my bullet journal.

I maintain a “business books I want to read” collection, collections of blog post ideas generated during brainstorming sessions, and a collection of business wins for when I need a little pump up session.

Again, the sky, your business, and your imagination are the only limits here. Whatever you need for your business, you can create and add to your bullet journal (hence why I seriously {{heart}} this system)!

Important Considerations

In order to stay organized with bullet journaling and make it convenient, there are a few important things to remember.

You want to make sure that you maintain your index, establish a planning routine, and make an intentional decision about whether your bullet journal leaves the office with you.

Here’s more on each of these important bullet journaling considerations.

Maintain Your Index

Make sure you stay caught up on your index. You don’t have to add every single page in your bullet journal, but if it’s something you’ll refer to more than a couple of times, make sure you log it in the index.

You don’t want to be wasting time flipping through your bullet journal trying to find that business project you planned last week. That’s counter productive!

*If indexing doesn’t feel like a good use of time, you can also use sticky tags to mark and label pages.

Establish a Planning Routine

Establish a planning routine and build time into your schedule for it.

Keep your planning routine simple, at least in the beginning. You can always add to it.

My planning routine is basic. I create a couple of monthly layouts at the beginning of each month (cleaning and month-at-a-glance with goal tracking) and a weekly planning spread each week during my Sunday planning block. Also during my planning block, I complete a brain dump, update my master task lists, and migrate top priority tasks to my weekly planning pages. Easy peasy!

Learn more about my weekly planning block in this post: 6 Things To Do on Sunday for the Best Work Week Ever!

Take Photos & Leave Your BUJO at Home

It’s a personal choice whether your bullet journal leaves home or the office with you.

As someone who came too close to losing hers, I’m strongly in the “keep my BUJO at home under lock and key” camp. :\

If you don’t want your bullet journal to go with you, you can always take photos or scans of layouts you’ll likely need to reference. Then take notes in a regular ole notebook or your phone and transfer them to your bullet journal when you get back to the office.

How I Stay Organized with Bullet Journaling

These are just a few of the ways I stay organized with bullet journaling! Not only does bullet journaling help me stay organized at home, it helps me keep my business running smoothly.

I love how flexible and versatile this tool is, because I can set it up exactly how I need it, and I can create any layout or template I require.

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