Why Calyx?

Curious about the word “calyx” and why it’s in our name?

Allow me to explain the significance!

ca·lyx /ˈkāliks/ noun

  1. the sepals of a flower, typically forming a whorl that encloses the petals and forms a protective layer around a flower in bud.

The calyx supports the petals and allows them to bloom and grow and reach their full potential.

And that’s exactly what I’m hoping to do with this blog and with my organizing services: support small business owners with organizing services and organization tips and tricks, so that you can get organized, develop supportive systems and routines, and focus on your strengths and passions and running your business!

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I’m a big gardener, and I love to cut flowers from my gardens, arrange them in whatever water holding vessel I have hanging around, then gift them to my friends and family. So, it seemed natural to include a flower related word in my business name. And I absolutely love the connection between the support the calyx offers petals and the support offered here at Calyx Organizing!